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About The Boss

MissBoss is an icon all on her own. Coming from the era of disco funk in the very beginning of hip-hop this New York born star is more than just season in the times. Starting on the scene she began in 2011 embracing her culture as a Haitian rapper and successfully took off into the industry the next 5/6 years performing/producing and building a following. After knowing the ins and outs as an artist, producer and promoter, MissBoss become just that and begin producing for other artists rolling her league was more than just herself.

           Now being one of the most successful renowned publicist in the game of those Haitian and American music, MissBoss is a nationwide bombshell - both full of craft and ideas. She’s the mind behind many projects including MissBoss Foundation, Boss Fest, Seven7 Productionz, HMI Cypher, Rap Kombat, The Juvenile Diabetes Walk and artist such as Izolan, Mr. Mister, Kween Clips, Trauma Cuba and many more. Consider MissBoss the boss that never sleeps and expects to know her name is the key behind every name in lights. today.


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